In-class discussion

Academic Reading Circles: In-class discussion


Every other Wednesday, Section 7 students are responsible for using the role work they have done on the main text to discuss it in depth with their reading circle group. The discussion is led by the Discussion Leader, who facilitates the remainder of the discussion. In-class discussions last from 60-90 minutes.



<All students: Instructions

  1. Use your Group Pages below to record how this week's reading circle occurred for your group. Group members should edit their page separately using your individual logins.  You must come to a collaborative conclusion as to an accurate and neutral recording of events.
  2. Once complete, you must investigate other groups' pages and compare information. It is then up to all of you to create an accurate description of the in-class discussions in this space for anyone who is not familiar with reading circles, so that they can learn how to do them. Use the Portal & Role pages as a template for style.>


Section 7 Group Pages


Group A - Christina, Tony W., Yvonne, Frank

Group B - Zulal, Doris, Lauren, Frankie

Group C - Jade, Kristina, Ben, Helen

Group D - Matt, Linda, Tony L., Lydia, Carrie