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Portal: Academic reading circles (ARC)

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Academic Reading Circles: Overview of roles * In-class discussionTerm topics * Main texts * Extended reading list * Writing assignments * Student blogs



Academic reading circles (ARC) refers to small groups of students gathered together to discuss a text in depth.  The purpose of the ARC is to provide a way for students to engage in critical thinking and reading skills as they read, discuss and respond to a variety of texts.  Through structured discussion and written responses, ARC guide the students to a deeper understanding of what they read.



ARC are made up of small groups of up to five students each with a different role (refer to Roles for a detailed description of the individual role responsibilities).  Instructors assign groups; students perform each role.  Though every role is not represented each week, every reading circle must have a Leader. The instructor also assigns the text to be read.   Students are expected to come to class having thoroughly read the article following the duties of their role with printed handouts for each group member.  In-class discussions take approximately 90 minutes to complete and each has a mandatory writing assignment to complete. 


Extended Readings

For each ARC, instructors assign a main text using which students perform the duties of their role; however, students are also responsible for reading 1-2 texts from an extended reading list.  These articles provide different perspectives on the topics under study.  Information from these texts should also be used to complete the writing assignments.


Writing Assignments

A writing assignment is connected to each ARC.  These writing assignments provide students with the opportunity to critically respond to the issues presented in the texts and practice writing/academic skills.  Instructors announce the writing assignment specifics on the day of the in-class discussion, due one week later.  All final copies of these connected writing assignments should be posted on individual student blogs by their due dates.  

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